Palletizers & depalletizers (Cobot & robot)

Our palletisers load and unload pallets in shorter cycles, making your packaging processes more efficient and less labour-intensive. We offer both industrial palletisers and cobot palletisers. Check out both our solutions below!

A wide range of different products and pallets is easily programmable. Smart thinking on the design of the gripper results in high output with low-speed movements. In addition to high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), this ensures minimal disruption and total cost of ownership.

Cobots versus robotised palletisers

Besides robotic palletisers, we also use so-called collaborative robots (cobots). A cobot is a robot designed to work alongside humans. These cobots are characterised by their flexible deployment, ease of use and safety without fences.


Why choose cobot solutions?


Why choose industrial robots?


Industrial solutions

Robotic palletisers are designed to process high-speed and black products performing a very specific task. They use an industrial robotic arm. The robotic palletiser can handle almost any type of product, including bags, crates, buckets and drums. The robotised palletisers are very flexible as it can handle multiple products at once, the gripper is adjustable and the palletisers are capable of handling empty pallets and sheets.

Sismation | Palletizers & depalletizers

Collaborative solutions

Cobots assist employees by speeding up and accurately performing tasks, or taking over monotonous and repetitive work. Cobots thus contribute to higher productivity and efficiency. Cobots are flexible and versatile. Our Cobot palletising solutions have a very compact design and work safely together with staff. The palletiser stacks products on pallets fully automatically and safely. Because it is a cobot, it operates without a safety structure and is therefore the most compact solution for palletising products.

Sismation | Palletizers & depalletizers

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