Casepackers & decasepackers (Cobot & robot)

The compact design of our casepacker allows the line to be closed. Our machines are as wide as a turntable and require hardly any more space lengthwise. The robot and software are the centre of our casepacker and allow us to fine-tune to your product and capacity.

The flexibility and speed of our casepackers are the result of our software and customer-specific grippers. The combination of our two standard machines and the customer-specific programme and grippers makes our casepacker the ideal end-of-line solution for flowpack lines.  Different ways of packing are possible with our solution, single/multiple individual products or products in trays, regular film or shrink film. The peppers in this picture, for example, are no problem.

Why choose our end-of-line solution?

Sismation | Casepackers & decasepackers


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