Case Lotgering

Geautomatiseerde verpakkingslijn

Customer request

Lotgering, a leading producer of fresh, high-quality meat for dogs and cats in Zaandam, faced the challenge of improving their packaging process. The current packaging machine no longer met the requirements, and a more efficient solution was needed. During a routine conversation with our spare parts department about a part for their meat processing machine, it emerged that a new packaging machine was necessary.

The Solution

On the first visit to Lotgering, it was immediately clear that significant improvements could be made. The current packaging line required a lot of manual effort, leading to physically demanding work for two operators. There was an opportunity here not only to make the packaging line more efficient, but also to improve the well-being of the employees.

During the visit, detailed photos and videos were taken of the current situation. With this visual information, a detailed layout was created for further automation. This layout was used to present the benefits of the new packaging line. Lotgering liked the offered solutions, after which the realization of a complete new packaging line could start.

Sismation | Lotgering

The Result

The implementation of the new packaging line at Lotgering has produced impressive results. The efficiency of the production line has increased significantly, which has directly contributed to higher productivity and lower operating costs. The new Case packer, which processes 120 pieces per minute, has enabled a significant increase in production speed.

In addition, the new solution has made work less physically demanding for employees, leading to improved well-being and a more pleasant working environment. Automation has also reduced reliance on human intervention, which has improved the overall reliability of the production line. By investing in innovative solutions and strategic automation, Lotgering has not only achieved its initial needs, but has also been able to realize broader benefits that contribute to its overall growth and efficiency.

Sismation | Lotgering


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